How to Write eBooks and Sell them Online Effectively

Design Principles for High Conversion Rates

The world of IT is growing drastically with an exceptional pace, since many new players and creative ideas have come; they have opened a new arena of competition for everyone who owns a website. Gaining a solid traffic and sustaining it has now become vicious task. Days are gone when creating a website was the only way to boost traffic.

These days, every single step you take creates a huge impact on the traffic of your website and the money you make from it. This is the reason entrepreneurs are putting their best to make a proper design of website to increase the conversion rates.

How Conversion Rate Affects Profits?

In e-commerce business, conversion rate is the element that plays a major role in bringing great outcomes, because it has the ability to convert visitors into genuine buyers of your products. This could only be implemented successfully if the website contains an attractive design.

Call to Action Should be Eye Catching

Call to action is something which matters a lot in e-commerce websites. It doesn't matter how attractive and impressive product reviews you have published, unless your call to action is not clearly visible, a visitor would not like to click on it. These important tabs should always be placed with prominent box or circles.

Play with the Psyche of Customer through Colors

Recent studies show that almost 83 percent of buyers buy products if they find the colors of website attractive. This is such an interesting fact from those designers who think that colors are nothing. If the colors of straps and web banners are more like the products color, there would be chances for you to increase your credibility in front of costumers. There are some colors which are common and liked by everyone such as Red, Orange, Black, Yellow and Green.


Designing a quality website for high conversion rate doesn't require any rocket science as it's quite easy and simple. A web designer must have a deep knowledge about costumer's psyche. All you need to do is to have a proper research about everything you want to implement.

If the above described steps are followed properly a designer would definitely bring a website that can enhance the conversion rate.