How Culture and Geography Impacts A Logo Design??

How Culture and Geography Impacts A Logo Design??

Everyone living on this planet is influenced by the cultures and traditions. If a company fails to generate a logo which is not able to reflect the cultural and social characteristics of target audience bares a great lose. There was a research conducted which shows that a logo should represent the culture in a strong way in order to attract maximum number of targeted audience.

So, here we will give you a brief account on how culture and geography impacts the logo design and how a brand can become successful if it considers these essential factors seriously.

Colors Reflecting Events and Cultures

Every color has its different meaning in different cultures. White is the color which is regarded as the color of purity for Muslims while the same color is considered as the color of death in Chinese culture. If we talk about American culture particularly, red is the color which is considered as the color of excitement and energy and they refer black color as a sign of power and sophistication.

Symbols that Reflects Geographical Features

Every geographical region has some kind of emotions and sentiments attached to it. Most of the businesses have used this strategy and they have been successful in leaving a memorable mark to target audience. These kinds of logos are clicked very instantly and they always have a universal attraction because of their creativeness.

Attractive Logos Speak All About Clients

Do you see any kind of laptop or mobile phone on the logo of Apple? Do you have any idea about the real meaning of Sony Vaio’s logo? A logo is something that reflects all about client. You don’t have to come up with something out of the box what audience want is the logo that communicates with them easily and effectively.


The elegant and attractive logo represents the cultural and geographical values in it in order to captivate maximum audience. So create a logo that fulfills all what your target audience want.